Acclaimed Nordic actress Sofie Gråbøl has traded her winter jumpers for the Scottish stage as she takes on the role of Queen Margaret of Denmark in Rona Munro’s The James Plays. Gråbøl portrays the key role in ‘The True Mirror’, the third instalment of Munro’s historical plays that premiered at the National Theatre of Scotland at the weekend during the Edinburgh International Festival.

Gråbøl will feature in the ensemble play for a month and will reside in the Scottish capital during her time on the stage. Whilst speaking to the BBC’s Edinburgh Extra show, Gråbøl stated: ‘the way that Rona [Munro] writes – it speaks to you’ and the connection with Denmark and Scotland merely: ‘jumped off the page.’ Gråbøl’s role of Queen Margaret takes place during the 15th Century after her character, at the age of twelve, was sent to marry King James III of Scotland and now tackles her reign in a tumultuous and unconventional way.

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Gråbøl is best known for portraying Sarah Lund on the BAFTA winning crime series The Killing and is demonstrating her diversities as an actress in her new and demanding theatrical role. Audiences will get another chance to see Sofie Gråbøl in the final instalment of The James Plays when it takes to the National Theatre in London next month.