Sofie Gråbøl on the Andrew Marr Show


We weren’t lying when we said Sofie Gråbøl had been everywhere recently and this is further proof. Gråbøl appeared on The Andrew Marr show on BBC One last Sunday. The actress was primarily there to promote her highly commended performance in The James Plays, currently on show at the National Theatre, but she did find time to speak about The Killing.

When asked by Marr about the possibility of a fourth season of the beloved Danish show. “I think the writer can’t see it and I definitely can’t see it. I think it wouldn’t feel dignified, it would feel a bit like milking it. It felt very finished when it was finished, in a good way”.

She also spoke openly about her recent battle with breast cancer saying that her first UK stage appearances have been “like a fairy tale after a very day year”.

You can watch Sofie’s entire interview with Andrew Marr on the iPlayer now. Just click on the image below and fast forward to the 29 minute mark.


Sofie Gråbøl’s current film The Hour Of The Lynx is now available on DVD.