Sofia Helin Q&A at Nordicana 2015


Watch the Nordic heroine uncover more about The Bridge in conversation here.

We simply cannot get enough of her: the icy demeanour, the ostentatious fashion sense and her ability to compartmentalise her life. However, these quirks deliver an ironic representation of the detective. Despite the acute character traits that often rub people up the wrong way, the Saga Norén we have come to know is incorrigible. Yes, Saga has her weaknesses and we may not be able to get along with her in a real-life situation, but, as we move into the third season with The Bridge III soon to air on BBC Four, we understand her and enjoy her company on our television sets.

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At the Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015 festival, the fourth wall was well and truly broken as fans took their seats to listen to the likes of Sofie Gråbøl discuss how filming The Killing I alongside Søren Malling (Borgen, 2010-2013 and 1864, 2014) was a laugh-a-minute, to newcomer Moa Gammell unearth behind-the-scenes morsels from the supernatural first season of Jordskott. The theatre at the Troxy in East London also attracted a large, appreciative crowd for Sofia Helin’s conversation and Q&A with film critic Angie Errigio.


Following an introduction from author and Nordic Noir connoisseur Barry Forshaw, “the fantastic Sofia Helin” took to the stage to answer questions about the award-winning series and her own relationship with the inimitable Saga Norén. Angie Errigo, who describes herself as an “ageing flower child, erstwhile rock chick, international woman of, er, what’s the opposite of mystery?” on her Twitter page, finds out why the esteemed actress transitioned from studying philosophy to acting, the prominence of strong female roles in Swedish television and many more topics you’d be raising your hand to ask.

As you learn more about the star and what it has been like making the Scandinavian sensation that is The Bridge, make sure you are ready for the third chapter to Saga.

The Bridge III begins on Saturday 21st November on BBC Four.

Watch Sofia Helin from The Bridge in a Q&A at Nordicana 2015 with Angie Errigo here: