Seek out Amber on BBC Four


Amber is a new Irish crime series that has just begun on BBC Four. Starring Eva Birthistle and David Murray, the series sees the duo play the recently divorced parents of a 14-year-old Amber Bailey who, one day, fails to arrive at her best friend’s house and return home. With the search for Amber becoming more and more worrying, some shocking clues come to light that raise even more questions. The actress who plays Amber, Lauryn Canny was recently seen playing Juliette Binoche’s daughter in the film A Thousand Times Good Night from Norwegian director Erik Poppe, which was released in May.

Set in the quiet and sparse suburbs of Ireland, the two year search for Amber sees the family put under incredible pressure by intense glare of the media. The four part series was previously shown in Ireland in January and received positive reviews. Amber was shown on BBC Four last night and is now available to watch on the iPlayer.

To entice you just that little bit more a clip from the first episode can be viewed below.