Reviews for ‘I Know Who You Are’ on BBC Four


Learn more about the new Noir mystery for Saturday nights

Last weekend, UK audiences were treated to a double helping of the latest international Noir series, I Know Who You Are. The brand-new mystery is based around Juan Elias (Francesc Garrido, The Sea Inside), a man suffering from amnesia after a near fatal car accident. However, when he is linked to the disappearance and possible murder of his niece, it’s not going to be easy to clear his name when he doesn’t seem to know his own identity. I Know Who You Are continues Saturday nights from 9pm on BBC Four.

Fans on Twitter also commented on the UK premiere:

Loving the @BBCFOUR Spanish drama Iknowwhoyou are …great opening episode!

Slick Spanish thriller on @BBCFOUR, I know Who You Are. Moments of tense ambiguity which creates curiosity to know more. Promising stuff.

@BBCFOUR omg I Know who you are double bill of Spanish drama! Fantastic drama and plot. Totally gripped by this amazing plot #Spain #talent


Take a look at the praise from the critics below:
“Subtle, classy, cool” – The Guardian

“Preposterous but hypnotic” – The Arts Desk

 “A new Spanish-language drama for Saturday nights took a hoary old premise and imbued it with psychological insight and thoughtfulness” ★★★★The Times

The first episode immediately launches viewers into the action with a big question mark looming in the horizon, with Elias wandering aimlessly along a deserted street in a bloodied and dishevelled demeanour. Once in the hospital, Elias’ wife, Alicia Castro (Blanca Portillo), visits him and it is soon revealed that their niece Ana (Susana Abaitua) has been reported missing and possibly dead. Suspicions fall on Elias as traces of Ana’s blood and her mobile phone is found in his car.

The revelation reverberates to David Vila (Carles Francino) and Eva Durán (Aida Folch), whose law firm has been selected by Ana’s father to commence the prosecution against Elias, charged with abduction and potential homicide. However, prosecutor Marta Hess (Eva Santolaria) has a deeper connection to Elias and, like everyone else doesn’t believe that he is suffering from memory loss. By the end of the episode, Elias begins his own investigation and it’s not long before he discovers a note to say, “I know who you are”.


In the second episode, we are taken back to meet Ana and learn more about her backstory. In the lead up to the accident, family tensions regarding a conflict between her father and Elias may bear significance in the quest for the truth. At the same time, Eva’s link to Elias sparks interest for the defence and prosecution to try and prove Elias’ true mental state.

With so many red herrings and duplicitous goings on, I Know Who You Are provides Noir fans with a dubious protagonist – is he a killer or is he the victim of happenstance? In a review from The Killing Times, the intriguing narrative has been compared to the likes of The Disappearance. “Another high-concept piece, it gave equal weight to the families of a tragedy. I Know Who You Are has those same dynamics – twisty, turny and addictive.”

I Know Who You Are continues with back-to-back episodes every Saturday night from 9pm on BBC Four.

I Know Who You Are is released via digital and DVD on Monday 14th August. Pre-order your copy on DVD from the Amazon store here