Reviews and reactions to ‘The Bridge IV’ UK premiere


Find out what the fans think of the first episode of the final season

The reviews are in. Not only were you eager and excited to be reunited with Saga and Henrik after more than 2 years, there’s been a lot of hype for the show to live up to from the previous award-winning seasons. Following the UK network premiere of The Bridge IV on BBC Two last week – we took a look at the impact the fourth and final season has had on UK audiences so far.

Each season hinges on a brutal crime – and season four doesn’t shy away from the brutality. Prior to the credits, we’re transported back to the Øresund Bridge to bear witness to an attack. As the camera pans away from a woman being stoned to death, we later discover that the victim is Margrethe Thormod – the General Director of Copenhagen’s Migration Agency. With links to a scandal that affected missing refugee Taariq and the left-wing extremist group named Red October, Henrik is assigned the case with a casually racist and homophobic Danish partner, Jonas.

Remember the dark and desperate tone of The Bridge III? This continues from the outset, as we initially see Saga getting out of bed, which turns out to be in a cell in a women’s prison in Ystad. She has no badge, no leather trousers, no Porsche – and she’s trying to keep her head down and serve her time. Walking around the prison yard and reading books alone, she is tormented by a fellow inmate with a violent disdain for cops – then there’s another who has latched onto her, wanting a fervent friend. However, all hope is not lost, as Saga is awaiting news about her appeal hearing, plus helping Henrik with his investigation on the side.


Fans took to Twitter to share their Scandi crime thoughts after the closing credit sequence:

Utter brilliance

Shocking start but love this programme

I know it’s gruesome and dark, but I’m so glad that #TheBridge4 is back!

It’s got me already. Had the theme tune as an ear worm for most of the day!

#nordicnoir is head shoulders above all other crime drama

Suspense always seems to be there even when I think I know what is going to happen and the unexpected actually happens

Pure class – so dark and music moved up a level #TheBridge

Well worth the wait, miss the double episodes though!! Love Saga, great character #fridaynightssorted

Missing Martin


The critical acclaim continued with reviews from the critics, which includes the following:

“A brutal beginning of the end” – The Guardian

“Scandi saga is darker than ever” – The Arts

“[The] long-awaited Scandi-noir drama made a particularly gruesome return” – The Telegraph

The Bridge returns for series four with a shift in emphasis and a fresh spin” – Den of Geek

 However, it seems the move to BBC Two is taking some getting used to for fans and critics alike, especially after the big question at the end of episode one was immediately answered by a second episode preview. But did we really think something so tragic would happen so quickly to a heroine made from ice and steel? Here’s what series creator and writer Hans Rosenfeldt had to say: “I guess the viewers and BBC Two didn’t think Saga was going to die – so the trailer was put out there anyway! [LAUGHS]” Walk (and laugh) it off. 

Read the full interview with Hans Rosenfeldt here.

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The Bridge IV continues with episode two, tonight at 9pm on BBC Two

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