Pre-order ‘The Code’ season two on DVD now


The digital drama is coming to DVD!

On BBC Four, The Code has intrigued us once again with the first double episode instalment of the brand new season. The sibling savants seeking the truth are back but have the whistle-blowers met their match with a former foe? The Code: The Complete Series Two is released on Monday 7th November on DVD by Arrow Films.

In 2014, The Code spun a web of corporate conspiracy in its debut season, putting the curious Banks brothers Ned (Dan Spielman) and Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) at the centre of a plot involving a clandestine research project with ties to the government. The Guardian commended season one as a “blisteringly hot Australian take on Nordic Noir”, and gave a glowing review of the second: “Tense, Twisting, Terrific”.


From the season two opening, both Ned and Jesse are faced with an extradition order from the US Department of Justice. The charge: to be tried for their part in stealing and leaking private data that implicated high-ranking government officials. However, there is a clause: if the pair agrees to help the police to uncover a double murder their charges will be quashed. The homicide in question draws the investigation to an underground online organisation headed by Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia). With access to weapons and distributing narcotics, Roth’s ambiguous ideologies may not be the only dangerous scheme the brothers unearth.

Series producer, David Taylor, comments on the rising success of the show, as shared by Blazing Minds: “We are delighted that The Code has been universally embraced by audiences and critics alike, and season two takes it to a new level – with a stellar cast, political intrigue and thrilling action.” Viewers have also been posting their praise on Twitter:

Delighted to have The Code back on our screens. LOVED series 1 @BBCFOUR

The Code is back for a second series. Great news.

SO pleased there’s a 2nd series of The Code#LoveConspiracyThrillers

Amazing addictive drama!

For Nordic Noir fans, The Code blends the attractive tropes of Scandi crime, with the cyber-thrills of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, as well as the scandal of politics we have seen in Blue Eyes and shady corporations in Follow the Money. Plus Jesse’s autism will bear similarities to the blunt and awkward humour of Saga Norén, although with a brighter Australian backdrop.


The Code continues on BBC Four this Saturday from 9pm, with episode three and four back-to-back.

The Code: The Complete Series Two is available to buy on DVD Monday 7th November through Arrow Films. Pre-order your DVD here.

Catch up with the award-winning The Code: The Complete Series One on DVD now. Get your copy from the Amazon store here.