Pre-Order ‘30 Degrees in February’ on DVD


Bring the adventure home with the world class Scandinavian holiday drama for your viewing pleasure.

We have seen Thailand appear in DR’s The Legacy with Emil Grønnegaard (played Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) choosing to start a tourist business in the rainforests away from his dysfunctional past in Denmark. In 30 Degrees in February Maria Lundqvist, Lotta Tejle and Kjell Bergqvist star in a show that takes the renowned Swedish family drama and places it in the beaches of Thailand; far away from the icy cold landscapes we have become accustomed to.

A group of Swedes – including an abused wife, a mother recovering from a stroke and a man intent on starting a family – decide to relocate to Thailand with the overwhelming desire to start a fresh new chapter in their otherwise disillusioned lives. However, the idyllic change of scenery can be misleading as acclimatising to their new surroundings is not as easy as it seems.

The series aired on Sky Arts 1 HD earlier this year on 13th February, promoting its success in Sweden and on a global scale: “Nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2014, 30 Degrees in February is one of Scandinavian television’s biggest public and critical successes and explores whether anyone can really leave their past behind.”

The 10-episode season, originally aired to Swedish audiences in 2012, has also experienced a new lease of life following its televisual appeal to the shores of the UK. A second season has been commissioned to continue the adventures which are set to air in 2016.

While we wait for the arrival of Season Two, you’ll be happy to know that 30 Degrees in January is released on DVD on 6th July. Pre-order your copy from Amazon here.