Parisian Legal Drama ‘Spiral’ Airs New Season On BBC FOUR


The long-running crime show returns to captivate British audiences

Notably the first French-language television programme, to appear on the channel, Spiral (2005-), has appealed to a loyal fan base since it was initially shown on BBC Four in 2006. Along with other French dramas from Canal+ such as Braquo (2009-), the emergence of mystery and mayhem from the urban, criminal underworld of France is proving to be prolific. Spiral is back with a 12 episode case file, under the new season subtitle Double Murder.

Throughout the five seasons, Spiral can be compared to the structure of Law and Order (1990-2010) as it examines the gritty investigations from both perspectives of law enforcement:  the police officers on the streets of Paris to the lawyers and judges in the Palais de Justice. However, each season concentrates on the complexities of an overall crime arc: from international trafficking, serial killers, political extremists and social issues involving immigration.

The drama, that unfolds, is not limited to the crime itself, as the central characters are weaved together, causing personal relationships to affect their job. The recurring cast includes: Caroline Proust, Grégory Fitoussi, Philippe Duclos, Thierry Godard, Fred Bianconi and Audrey Fleurot.

BBC Four has previously aired a range of ‘Euro Noir’ in its remit: the Scandinavian crime series Arne Dahl (2011-), The Bridge (2011-) and Borgen (2010-), as well as Inspector Montalbano (1999-) from Italy. This portal to the stylish brand of drama-thrillers immerses UK viewers into the darker side of European crime fiction.

The fifth season of Spiral will begin on 10th January on BBC Four