Ola Rapace stars in Tommy


Ola Rapace, who turned 43 last week, was recently seen in the ultra stylish and seductive Swedish series Crimes of Passion, and the last James Bond film Skyfall, but his next appearance will be in something much more gritty and earthy.

Tommy from Tarik Saleh follows the story of Estelle and her titular husband. We first meet Estelle (played by Moa Gammel), who has returned to Stockholm after fleeing the city 12 months previous, after Tommy was involved in the biggest bank robbery in Swedish history. Now Estelle is back to tell her husband’s former partners that he is returning and he wants the share of the take, which he never received. The prospect of Tommy’s return is enough to have the criminal underworld shaking in their boots but if he doesn’t return, something even worse might happen.

Placing powerful women at the forefront of the story, Tommy is thrilling crime drama that also features the acting talents of Swedish musician Lykke Li. If you are eager to see this unique look at the criminal side of Nordic Noir, you will have to wait a little longer. Tommy isn’t released on DVD till February 23rdbut you can pre-order your copy now.