Nordic Noir stars on BBC Radio 4 this Saturday


Listen to the vocal stylings of Sofie Gråbøl, Lars Mikkelsen and Marie Bach Hansen this weekend!

Tune into BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 25th June from 2.30 – 3.30pm and you will hear Roger James Elsgood’s modernised version of August Strindberg’s play Miss Julie. However, this reimagining will include some familiar voices from critically acclaimed and award-winning Scandi crime and drama series: The Killing’s Sofie Gråbøl and Lars Mikkelsen, together with The Legacy’s Marie Bach Hansen.

The play from 1888 is a ruthless study of power in a rigid social caste system. The original composition takes place on Midsummer Eve and is set in the kitchen quarters of a Count’s estate in Sweden. What begins as a fleeting sexual encounter turns into a psychological duel between a young woman of status, Miss Julie, and her father’s valet, Jean. After their one-night stand instigated by Miss Julie (played by Gråbøl), both characters find themselves in a predicament that threatens their reputations.


At first, Miss Julie abuses her class to lure Jean (Mikkelsen) into transgressing his social standing. She challenges his ideologies and fidelity to his fiancée Kristen (Bach Hansen). However, over the course of Midsummer night, the power shifts between them. As the intimate and frank conversation escalates, so do the psychological motivations and malice. Jean proves he is by no means weak and can expose their indiscretion. With actions come consequences and the only way to out appears to be death.


In the new contemporary version, Elsgood focuses on the themes that are currently relevant in society, including sexual orientation, identity, and gender. Miss Julie reunites Sofie Gråbøl and Lars Mikkelsen from The Killing I (2007). Both can next be seen on screen together in The Day Will Come (2016), written by The Killing scribe Søren Sveistrup. The radio programme was recorded as a production in Ballerup, Denmark on location in a 19th century country house, on the island of Zealand.

Miss Julie plays on BBC Radio 4 between 2.30 to 3.30pm on Saturday 25th June (Midsummer’s Day)

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