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Where to get your digital dose of Scandi crime and drama

Are you more of a downloader or streamer? If you like to curl up in bed with a drama on your tablet, or commute with a crime binge on your iPad – you won’t want to miss out on the Nordic Noir & Beyond iTunes sale now on! Not only is The Bridge IV available to buy this week, you can download complete series and spell-binding seasons to enhance your digital library – all at irresistible prices. The iTunes sale must come to an end on Thursday 2nd August – so get downloading now!

Take a look at the top titles you can choose from:


The Bridge I-IV at £19.99

The final Saga ends the award-winning series on a profound high, as both Saga and Henrik must solve a brand-new spate of murders, whilst facing their own personal demons that continue to haunt them. Set nearly two years after the third season finale, Saga starts off in prison, while Henrik’s hope to find his missing children begins to fade. It’s not long before the dynamic duo discovers that their last case will change their relationship forever.

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The Killing I & II at £9.99

The series that spearheaded the Nordic Noir phenomenon on our television screens is a must-have for any Scandi-crime fan. Sarah Lund and her sweaters were at the centre of the mystery of Nanna Birk Larsen in Season One. This was quickly followed up by the nail-biting tension of each cliffhanging episode of Season Two, with a military cover-up spanning from the streets of Denmark to Afghanistan.

Get the first two seasons here.


The Borgen Trilogy at £14.99

There wasn’t only a female prime minister walking the floors of Christiansborg Palace in real-life – Sidse Babett Knudsen was commanding our screens as well. While Borgen uncannily mirrored cutting-edge Danish politics, the pioneering Nordic drama enthralled fans from around the world, including Hillary Clinton. Follow the rise, fall and reprise of Birgitte Nyborg in DR’s top-rated trilogy.

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Wallander – The Complete Collection at £14.99

Henning Mankell’s distinguished detective is brought to life by Swedish actor Krister Henriksson, in all 32 feature-length episodes from 2005 to 2013. One of the longest-running crime fiction franchises introduced us to the opera-loving inspector, who managed to maintain the peace in the picturesque town of Ystad, Skåne. He may be older than his colleagues, but don’t underestimate his acumen.

Own the collection here.


The Legacy Trilogy at £14.99

Following DR’s success of Borgen, The Legacy took on the mantle as the next ground-breaking drama, amidst the popular wave of crime shows. Sweeping the Robert Prisen Awards with 12 trophies in total, the dysfunctions of the Grønnegaard clan captivated us all! When artistic matriarch Veronika dies and bequeaths her estate to estranged daughter Signe, the rest of the siblings discover how self-destructive they can be to claim their rightful inheritance.

Download the trilogy here.


Turn your devices into a virtual Nordic Noir & Beyond library. The iTunes sale ends on Thursday 2nd August