TV to look forward to


With the seasons changing and those early nights getting a lot darker, crime and international TV series are once again set to dominate your viewing schedule and this year is looking to be an exceptional line up. With new shows from Denmark, Australia and Britain set to hit the air, plus the return of a few favourites, it’ll be worth staying in this year.

The Code

First up is The Code, a new Australian series set to the backdrop of the stunning scenery that only the land down under can provide. The story follows two brothers, one a hacker, the other a journalist, who are sent a video of a supposed accident in the outback. After they post it online they soon discover that a much bigger story is at hand and they find themselves under threat.

The Code is an intelligent and compelling thriller with a top-notch cast in a spectacular landscape – it has all of the ingredients that BBC Four viewers love” says BBC’s Head of Programme Acquisitions Sue Deek. Having already won praise in its home country, The Code looks set to be hit in the Northern Hemisphere in BBC Four’s prime time Saturday night slot.

The Legacy:


Danish television drama comes to Sky Arts this November in the form of The Legacy (Arvingerne). The show follows the story of Veronika and her four adult children, whose idiosyncratic upbringing has affected their lives in a variety of ways. After her death, her estate is divided between the children marking the beginning of a journey into a convoluted set of lies and secrets between the siblings.

Less of a crime series and more of an exploration of human politics and what it means to be a modern day family, The Legacy comes courtesy of the award winning production house DR Fiktion, who have previously given us The Killing and Borgen. Starring acclaimed actors such as Trine Dyrholm, Carsten Bjørnlund, Jesper Christensen and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, The Legacy will be a Nordic family affair not worth missing.




1864 is a series going back into the history of the 19th century war between Denmark and Bismarck’s Prussia, where the Scandinavian country lost the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein. Its unfamiliar territory for British viewers but the ramifications of Denmark’s bloodiest war is deeply engrained in Danish culture. “Nobody else really knows about it except for us Danes, but it was very defining for our character”, says DR executive director Morten Hesseldahl.

If history isn’t quite your thing then fear not because the cast are of the upmost quality. Borgen royalty Sidse Babett Knudsen, Pilou Asbæk and Søren Malling all star as does Bent Mejding, Søren Pilmark Nicholas Bro, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Jakob Oftebro and James Fox with Ole Bornedal directing. 1864 doesn’t broadcast till early 2015 on BBC Four but this epic production along with an a-list cast and crew, is bound to have you salivating at its potential.



Fortitude is a town like no other. Isolated by the barbaric but picturesque Arctic landscape, the town is renowned for being the safest place on Earth, with a violent crime never taking place, until now. A savage murder has rippled through and affected the close-knit community, causing a stir of uncertainty for this once safe haven.

The Queen of Nordic Noir, Sofie Gråbøl, stars in the show as Governor Odegard who struggles to bring the community back together after the unimaginable horror has taken place. Gråbøl is joined by an all-star cast, which includes Michael Gambon, Stanley Tucci, Richard Dormer and Christopher Eccleston. Once again you’ll have to wait for this one, as it doesn’t debut on Sky Atlantic till January.


If those four aren’t enough to get you excited then Nordic favourites The Bridge, Sebastian Bergman and Mammon are all returning for new series and we will bring you more news on those soon.