Nordic Film Festival 2014


This years Nordic Film Festival runs from November 26– December 7 and will take place around the UK in cities including London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

With the theme of this years festival focusing on ‘horizons’, the programme will bring together a selection of contemporary films that will look at the ever-expanding world of Nordic cinema.

Some of the highlights of this year include the opening Norwegian film I Am Yours and the closing film: Swedish drama Hotel. Other films worth looking our for is the 1940 period piece Kon-Tiki, experimental Icelandic film Days of Gray and Lego documentary Lego: The Building Block of Architecture.

There are many more films to choose from, which are guaranteed to give you a flavor of Nordic culture that you may have not experienced before. The first 12 days of the festival will take place in London but it will then move around the rest of the UK during December.

To learn more and book tickets please visit the official site: