New Teaser Trailer for Drama on BBC Four

Watch the latest trailer for the thrilling new dramas coming to BBC Four soon

“Out there is the killer, the liar, and you know where you must find them.” BBC Four announce the new crime-filled line-up to whet our appetites. Check out the first glances at the captivating Noir shows to look forward to in the New Year…



Following its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2015 (TIFF), Trapped has gripped us with intrigue. In the middle of a murder investigation, a rural coastal town nestled within a vast and spectacular fjord is enveloped in an almighty storm. Following the arrival of a Danish ship and the grisly discovery of a severed corpse in the harbour, Chief of Police Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) sets his sights on the mysterious vessel. However, when the tempestuous environment causes Andri to become confined within the ship’s quarters amongst the suspicious crew, he must uncover the crime in an even harsher claustrophobic climate.


Follow the Money

The discovery of a corpse close to a wind farm in Denmark triggers a sinister police investigation that reveals links to the suspicious goings on at Energreen – a giant environmentally friendly energy company. Written by Jeppe Gjervig Gram, whose credits include the politically charged DR series Borgen (2010-2013), we follow three simultaneous storylines: the murder investigation, headed by Mads (Bo Larsen – Festen, 1998 and The Hunt, 2012), the dubious Energreen and its CEO Alexander (Nikolaj Lie Kaas – Brothers, 2004 and The Keeper of Lost Causes, 2013) being investigated internally without his knowledge, and ex-convict Nicky (Esben Smed). Each strand intertwines as we Follow the Money.



After a making an impact with its English-language translation of the Nordic Noir narrative and setting, the crime drama situated in Aberystwyth, Wales, thrusts DCI Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) back into a new case. Embodying the hard-boiled detective personality with his brooding nature and solitary lifestyle, Hinterland can also be compared to the striking rural landscapes of Wallander’s Skåne County in Sweden and the picturesque, yet atmospheric beauty of Witnesses in Normandy. From the first season, a burgeoning relationship with partner DI Mared Rhys (Mali Harries) may soften the jaded detective. However, his personal demons and the villains around him will need to be laid to rest.

Trapped, Follow the Money and Hinterland are coming soon to BBC Four in 2016!