New Swedish series starts this Friday


With the loss of The Legacy still wearing upon us, this new Scandinavian series arrives just in time.

30 Degrees in February reaches our television screens this Friday evening as we follow a group of Swedes who trade in the Scandi snow for Thai sunshine. This group is a rather eccentric bunch hoping that some warmer winters will help turn their lives around.

30 Degrees in February sees a long-suffering wife escape from her abusive husband, and a mother that is in need of a more peaceful life after suffering from a stroke. On top of that, a desolate engineer wants nothing more than a family of his own and seeks the love of a Thai local. These tired Swedes are in a bid to find happiness by relocating to the picturesque coast surrounded by the Andean Sea.

30 Degrees in February has already received critical praise in its native Scandinavia and saw one of its leading actresses, Lotta Tejle, receive an International Best Actress Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Majlis.

30 Degrees in February starts on Sky Arts at 9pm on Friday 13 February