New Series ‘Norskov’ on Walter Presents


Discover the real Denmark and the new hometown of Scandi crime

The brand-new Danish drama Norskov premiered on UK screens last night, launching the alternative Scandi crime show on All 4’s Walter Presents. UK viewers can continue watching the entire series box set on All 4’s Walter Presents from today!

The story is centred around three estranged friends who are brought back together in their tempestuous hometown of Norskov. Here they quickly realise each one has changed since childhood, testing how strong their bonds really are. As the town is gradually becoming gentrified, the mayor of Norskov struggles to put an end to the prominent drug culture that has been spiralling out of control for nearly 20 years.


When it is discovered that uncut cocaine is being dealt to schoolkids, the mayor calls upon his brother-in-law and police superintendent Tom Noack (Thomas Levin) for assistance. Returning to his old stomping ground, Tom is appointed as the temporary Head of Narcotics to “remove the drugs from the streets and the minors from the clubs”. However, Tom is confronted with the horrors that have affected his own family and friends in his absence.

Nordic Noir fans will recognise Thomas Levin as TV1’s highly competitive news presenter Ulrik Mørch in the award-winning Danish drama Borgen. He has recently been seen opposite fellow Borgen star Lars Mikkelsen in the international crime series The Team. Like the impact of Borgen, Norskov has garnered success in Denmark by winning Best Television Series at the 2017 Copenhagen TV Festival. The show has also been recognised at the prestigious Robert Awards by receiving 6 nominations.

Series creator Dunja Gry Jensen best describes Norskov as a “modern Scandinavian Western”, which is set to redefine the traditional Nordic Noir style. This can be seen by the taut crime drama, accompanied by the incendiary small-town politics that are typically found in the Western genre. Shot on location in the seaport of Frederikshavn, the industrial setting depicts the “raw and unsentimental quality” the creator was inspired by.

The complete first season of Norskov is available to watch on All 4 now!