New Nordic series to air in the UK


It has been announced that a new Scandinavian series will arrive on our television screens later this year. Jordskott is the latest show to launch from the Nordic genre with ITV Encore acquiring the UK rights to series.

The Swedish mystery thriller will air as a ten-part series and follow police investigator Eva Thörnblad, played by Tommy’s Moa Gammel, as she hunts for a missing child in the deep forrest town of Jordskott. In the desolate Swedish province, the female investigator becomes fixated with the disappearance of a local boy, which comes seven years after the disappearance of her own daughter. Eva finds herself going over the series of events and is determined to connect the mysterious dots.

Jordskott is produced by Palladium Fiction and aired on CVT in its native Sweden last month to critical success and 1.6million viewers. Jayne Redpath of ITV Studio Global Entertainment stated: Jordskott’s stunning backdrop in a Swedish forest brilliantly sets the scene for this mysterious thriller of loss, grief and love.’

A 2015 release date for Jordskott is yet to be confirmed.