New Nordic Noir coming soon to DVD!


Check out the Scandi shows of 2016 you have been enjoying on More4 available to own very soon!

The scintillating new shows from Scandinavia, which are part of the new 2016 line-up presented on More4, will be released on DVD for you to add to your home entertainment collection. Ideal to catch up on or simply to compliment your already illustrious library, the political thriller of Blue Eyes, the supernatural mystery of Heartless and the upcoming, taut family drama of Thicker than Water premiering next week are available to buy soon. Take a closer look here…

Thicker than Water

Is blood Thicker than Water? Find out in this ominous family drama. In the wake of Anna-Lisa Waldemar’s death, she bequeaths the running of her prized boarding house, situated on the Swedish island of Sunnanö, to her surviving heirs. The will stipulates the family must keep the property open all season to fulfil their right to their inheritance. This requirement may seem simple, yet, when manipulation and greed are involved, so is the cutthroat desire to reign supreme. Thicker than Water is a promising prelude for the next Nordic drama, on par with DR’s The Legacy (2014- ).

Thicker than Water starts Thursday 3rd March on More4 and will be available soon on DVD.



Heartless is the latest supernatural thriller that has joined the likes of Sweden’s Jordskott (2015- ), adding a twist to the ambience of crime. The new eight episode Danish series, which has been described as a marriage of vampire fantasy and Nordic Noir, centres round the ‘undead’ siblings Sofie and Sebastian. In an ambitious effort to blend in and acclimatise to a normal existence, the pair enrol at the Ottmannsgaard boarding school but they are no ordinary young adults. It soon becomes clear there is something more sinister walking the halls on campus that could threaten their inconspicuous lifestyle.

Heartless is out to buy on 4th April. Pre-order your DVD now.


Blue Eyes

In the lead up to the national elections, Sweden is thrown into a state of unrest. Elin Hammar, played by Louise Peterhoff (The Bridge III, 2015 and Real Humans, 2013-2014), is appointed as the new Chief of Staff for the Ministry of Justice and uncovers a bizarre conspiracy that points to her predecessor’s sudden disappearance. At the same time, an extremist plot intertwines the right-wing political party Trygghetspartiet with a series of terrorist attacks as Sweden nears the climax to a cataclysmic campaign. The ten-part series merges the political landscape of Borgen (2010-2013) with the mystery of The Killing (2007-2012).

Blue Eyes is released on 23rd May. Pre-order your copy on DVD here.


Look forward to even more Scandi-lous series coming out to buy on DVD in 2016!