New Italian political thriller to debut this March


A new Italian political thriller entitled 1992 is set to grace our UK television screens later this month. Following this year’s success of Danish family drama The Legacy, the new European series will air on Sky Arts 1 on March 24th 2015.

The series will follow Italy in the year of 1992; one of the country’s most tumultuous in the political world when many politicians and public figures were accused of sabotaging the Mani Pulite investigation. The Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) investigation led to the termination of the democratic First Republic party, which led to the withdrawal of several political parties in Italy. This political demise was a troubling time for the Italian parliament even resulting in some leaders and politicians committing suicide.

After the series’ debut in Berlin this evening, 1992 will premiere in the UK, Austria, Germany and Italy later this month. The political drama is a 10-part series from Beta Film, the same distribution company behind fellow Italian series Gomorrah.

1992 airs on Sky Arts 1 March 24th 2015