New Belgian Drama ‘Cordon’ on BBC Four


You can’t escape the virus in the latest European series Cordon

As the lyrics to the song in the teaser suggests “Time is running out…” Cordon centres round a deadly virus that is unleashed in the centre of Antwerp and the drastic measures to contain the epidemic.

When the unknown virus begins to spread throughout the city, the Minister for Health implements a strategy to limit the contagion: secure the contaminated zone with the people inside the area shut off from the outside world. We are given an insight into both perspectives of the event; from the fears tearing apart the people trapped within to those dealing with the horrors from the other side of the walls. The result is a harrowing representation of human nature and how we behave in the wake of catastrophe.

Cordon is a 10-episode drama produced by Eyeworks and the VTM and is from the creative mind of writer Carl Joos whose credits include Dossier K. (2009) and The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012). The series stars European Film Award-winning actress Veerle Baetens (The Broken Circle Breakdown) who can also be seen starring opposite Lars Mikkelsen in the international crime drama The Team (2015- ). Baetens  is joined by Wouter Hendrickx (Zuidflank, 2013), Koen De Bouw (Dossier K.), Johan Van Assche (The Treatment, 2014), as well as singer Liesa Van der Aa.

Cordon screened at the Séries Mania in the Forum des Images Festival in Paris. In Belgium, Cordon attracted approximately 880,000 viewers on a weekly basis when it was originally broadcast in 2014.

Prepare for the nail-biting drama to reach our screens. However, remember the ominous words that resonate from the trailer: “It can’t be cured. It can’t be controlled. It can only be contained.

Cordon becomes viral on BBC Four on Saturday 27th June at 9pm