‘Narcos’ announced for two new seasons


“The blow must go on”…

The second season of Narcos has recently started airing in the UK and we already know how it’s going to end. Nevertheless, the death of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) is destined to be the first few chapters in the Narcos’ narrative as two more seasons have been announced.

In an interview with executive producers of the show, Jose Padilha and Eric Newman, it has been confirmed that there is more to come in 2017! Newman explains to The Hollywood Reporter: “There’s a reason why we call this show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar. It’s very much about the trade. There are other drug dealers and there are alliances formed against Pablo [in season two], so there are a multitude of stories we could tackle.”


We have followed the rise of the infamous Pablo Escobar from selling weed, distributing cocaine, and constructing his own prison in the first season. In season two, the season is set to culminate in his demise with DEA agents Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal) and Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) exacting the justice they have been seeking for decades. However, Narcos is not stopping there. Even without the headlining villain of the show, Narcos still has room to grow and explore the drug cartels that govern the ostentatious underworld. Padilha shares more in Variety: “This show is about the choice (the U.S. made) about the war on drugs – to deal with it as if it were a problem of supply. So we go to Colombia and we will kill the drug dealers. But they cannot stop it as long as there is the demand. That’s why this show will never end.”

From the second season finale and the teaser trailer below, it seems that the Cali cartel will be assuming control, under the leadership of Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, played by Damian Alcazar. How will he compare to Moura’s portrayal of Escobar? Will Pena and Murphy be reprising their roles? All will be revealed next year!

Watch the teaser trailer here:


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