More amore for ‘Gomorrah’ season two


The return of the thrilling Neapolitan Noir has fans and critics in love and awe

The visceral and violent world of modern mob culture has made quite an impact on Sky Atlantic viewers. One of the best fan reactions we call upon to amplify the success of Gomorrah season two is the Twitter acclaim from comedian Ricky Gervais: “F****** Hell! #Gomorra could be the TV series of the decade.” The gritty series, based on Roberto Saviano’s infamous account of the “Camorra” syndicate, stars Fortunato Cerlino, Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito. Season two concludes with two back-to-back episodes on Wednesday 15th June.

After Ciro Di Marzio (Marco D’Amore), the young, right-hand man of Don Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino) rose in the ranks of the clan in the first season, Don Pietro and Genny Savastano (Salvatore Esposito) find that the young prodigy is now their fierce opposition to reclaim their prestige over north Naples.


We are happy to announce that the second season of the Italian global hit series Gomorrah is released on DVD and Blu-ray through Arrow Films next month. You can pre-order your copy of Gomorrah season two, as well as the season one and two box-set from Monday 25th July!

Adding to its universal reception with a US remake in the pipeline, the UK reviews from the critics are in:

“A dazzling success.” – ⋆⋆⋆⋆ Daily Telegraph

“Comparing a show to The Wire could be a kiss of death but Gomorrah lives up to the plaudit.” – Metro

“The same gritty authenticity that made for queasily compelling viewing with the first series.” – The Times


Find out what the rest of the Gomorrah fans had to say on Twitter:

#Gomorrah just keeps getting better! There is nothing on TV that comes close to it!                                              

#Gomorrah is easily the best thing on tv right now, hope there already planning the next season

#Gomorrah on @skyatlantic is the most gripping thing on TV by far at the minute.

What makes @GomorrahSeries so extra special is not knowing the actors from other things, To us in the UK they ARE those characters #Gomorrah

Direction,acting,cinematography #Gomorrah pretty much blows most UK TV crime drama out of the water. @GomorrahSeries

Season 2 of #Gomorrah‘s been superb. Catch the two-part finale on 15/06 on @skyatlantic @GomorrahSeries #skyatlantic

Just discovered #gomorrah. It’s similar and better than the wire. All story, more direction-actors who are great but you’ve never heard of

I was off a couple of weeks ago and ended up just watching a couple a day. I got into Gomorrah as well. Great programme.

Just when you think Gomorrah can’t get any better. It does. By several orders of magnitude. Seriously, seek it out.

#Gomorrah the series is one of best things on telly at the mo. Proper hooked!

Stay hooked until the incendiary end as Gommorah season two begins on Wednesday 15th June, with two episodes back-to-back from 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic HD. Pre-order your copy of Gomorrah season two on DVD and Blu-ray from the Nordic Noir & Beyond Store at Amazon here.