‘Modus II’ premieres next weekend


The second season returns to BBC Four screens

Melinda Kinnaman and Henrik Norlén are back as Anne Holt’s Vik/Stubø duo in a brand-new season of crime with Modus II. Set 4 years after Inger Johanne Vik’s return from the US, we find out about her FBI past when the President is kidnapped during a state visit to Sweden. Prepare for more mystery and mayhem as Modus II premieres on BBC Four, with two back-to-back episodes from 9pm on Saturday 10th February.

In the first season of Modus, BBC Four viewers experienced Nordic Noir on a global scale. The nefarious plot centred around an international organisation, which spread from the USA to the snow-covered streets of Sweden. We won’t be forgetting the sinister Christmas tale anytime soon! Now, as she starts a new family with Henrik, Inger Johanne faces trials and tribulations amongst a fresh cast of suspicious characters:

  • Helen Tyler (award-winning actress Kim Cattrall) commands the screen as the US President, who disappears whilst visiting Sweden
  • Dale Tyler (The Killing US’s Billy Campbell) is the First Gentleman of the United States, whose tense marital relationship is tethered by a dark secret
  • Warren Shifford (played by The Crown’s Greg Wise), is the president’s confidante and Inger Johanne’s mentor from her days as an FBI psychological profiler

Nordohphiles will also recognise esteemed actress and filmmaker Paprika Steen joining the cast as Alva Roos.

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In an interview with FremantleMedia International in 2017, C More and TV4’s Acting Head of Drama, Johanna Bergenstråhle, shared the following: “It feels great that we with Modus have been able to attract an international cast in the calibre of Greg Wise, Billy Campbell and, of course, Kim Cattrall; it strengthens both the drama and the international power of Modus.”

Watch Modus II on Saturday 10th February from 9pm on BBC Four

Modus – The Complete Season One is available to own on DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon here.

Download Modus – The Complete Season One on digital HD via iTunes here.