‘Men & Chicken’ released in UK cinemas this month!


Denmark’s finest leading men as you’ve never seen them before – Men & Chicken prepares to hit UK cinemas next Friday!

Prepare to meet the dysfunctional Danish family at a screening near you. After appearing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September last year, the festival circuit continued across the Atlantic to the UK, so the film is no stranger to these shores. Included in the ample Nordic programme at the 2015 London Film Festival (LFF), Men & Chicken showed us the off-beat comedy stylings of Mads Mikkelsen, post-Hannibal series finale – another brilliantly disturbing rendition. Now, get ready to enjoy Men & Chicken on UK nationwide release from 15th July!

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What is it about? It might be easier to understand if we introduce you to the “men”. Meet Elias and (Mikkelsen) and Gabriel (David Dencik); two socially awkward and idiosyncratic brothers. Elias has hypersexual chronic urges, Gabriel cannot hide an involuntary gag reflex, and both have distinct cleft lips. The brothers’ lives are forever changed when the man they believed to be their father dies; leaving a taped confession that their real father – Evelio Thanatos – is still alive and taking up residence in a dilapidated sanatorium on the island of Ork. Elias and Gabriel are compelled to meet their estranged father but are completely unprepared for what they discover about their lineage in Men & Chicken. Borgen and A Hijacking’s Søren Malling, Follow the Money’s Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and The Bridge III’s Nicolas Bro co-star.


Take a look at the reviews of Men & Chicken so far:

“Though the ingredients suggest a cult horror movie, Jensen’s sensibility tends to skew more philosophical, layering this oddity with existential questions” – Variety

“Mikkelsen may be the marquee name in the production, but he never outshines the film’s capable ensemble, which in addition to Dencik includes Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Soren Malling and Nicolas Bro” – Washington Post

“If Franz Kafka had ever devised a film for the Three Stooges, it might look something like Men & Chicken. Prolific screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen’s first film as a director in ten years is a joyously eccentric, darkly comic fairytale that combines screwball farce and slapstick violence with philosophical musings on the clash between religion and science” – Screen Daily

“Even given the standards of off-the-rails cinematic family reunions, you’d have to look a while to find one as bizarre as Anders Thomas Jensen’s Men & Chicken” – The Hollywood Reporter


“Ultimately, though, it’s about escaping into a demented and crazed world without expecting intelligible answers to any questions you might have. Fooling around with themes seen before in Dogme films and notorious Lars Von Trier gems, Men & Chicken is all about spraying-not-saying its humour on convention with a manic laugh and a demented smile. Something that no doubt inspires its performers to even greater, more boisterous, heights. It’s a comedic glob of a film oozing around a Danish Petri dish, neither solid in structure nor even in flow, but when it’s having this much fun with itself, not playing along is practically impossible.” – Indiewire

For fans of Jensen’s previous collaborations with Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Nicolas Bro in Flickering Lights, The Green Butchers, and Adam’s Apples, this is one to watch for more surreal capers you won’t forget!

Find out the mystery of Men & Chicken in UK cinemas from Friday 15th July. For full cinema listings visit www.menandchicken.co.uk