‘Men & Chicken’ out to buy on DVD & Blu-ray


Take the quirkiest Danish family home on DVD, digital, and on demand!

Following its release in UK cinemas last month, the dark and twisted tale of estranged family and its evolution is coming soon to own on DVD! Men & Chicken is the latest comedy of crimes and misdemeanours depicted on a truly philosophical scale. From the mind of Anders Thomas Jensen (Flickering Lights, The Green Butchers, and Adam’s Apples) prepare to make the acquaintance of Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) and Gabriel (David Dencik) as they discover who they really are! Men & Chicken is out to buy on DVD from Monday 15th August and is available to watch on digital and on demand from Monday 8th August.

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This year, Men & Chicken has won awards at the Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival, the Bodil Awards, and the Robert Festival. So far, the film has made quite an impression on the critics:

“This Danish film steers the right side of wackiness in its tale of two strange brothers meeting their estranged extended family.” – Wendy Ide, The Guardian

“Though the ingredients suggest a cult horror movie, Jensen’s sensibility tends to skew more philosophical, layering this oddity with existential questions.” – Peter Debruge, Variety

“Hilarious in places, hideous in others, this struggles to make its philosophical case. But the performances are exceptional and the concept could not be more daring or distinctive.” – David Parkinson, Empire

“It’s a scary, discomfiting, clever film, hard to rid from your head once you’ve seen it. Best among the actors, all called on to play repelled or repellent, is Mikkelsen. The ex-Bond villain wears a moustache, a Christopher Walken hairdo and a permanent, vulnerable look of spooked expectation. You almost come to love him: not a common response to the heroes or antiheroes of New Danish Cinema.” – Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

Men & Chicken is all about spraying-not-saying its humour on convention with a manic laugh and a demented smile. Something that no doubt inspires its performers to even greater, more boisterous, heights. It’s a comedic glob of a film oozing around a Danish Petri dish, neither solid in structure nor even in flow, but when it’s having this much fun with itself, not playing along is practically impossible.” – Nikola Grozdanovic, Indie Wire

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Ultimately, Men & Chicken is an offbeat comedy-drama that poses the question of existentialism: who are we and where do we come from? For two social misfit brothers – this question about their mysterious heritage is about to change their lives forever! The film brings together a host of Danish talent from the big to the small screen: Mads Mikkelsen (in a role unlike any other you have seen him play before), David Dencik (The Absent One and The Left Wing Gang), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (A Conspiracy of Faith and Follow the Money), Nicolas Bro (1864 and The Bridge III), and Søren Malling (A Hijacking and Borgen).

Prepare to laugh, cry, and be disturbed… unless you are chicken?

Men & Chicken is released on DVD Monday 15th August through Arrow Films. Pre-order your copy from the Amazon store here.

Men & Chicken is also available on digital and demand from Monday 8th August.