Men & Chicken begins production

Anders Thomas Jensen, the Danish writer/director of Adam’s Apple (2005), In A Better World (2010) and Love Is All You Need (2012) has begun work on his next film – the black comedy Men & Chicken.


When their father dies, two bickering brothers are reunited with their family, only to find out that they were adopted. Putting their differences aside, the pair reluctantly agree to seek out their biological parents, and in the process, make a shocking yet liberating discovery about each other and their family.

Men & Chicken features a stellar cast of Danish acting talent, including Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt, 2012) and David Dencik (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, 2009) as the brothers and Nikolaj Lie Kaasm (The Killing, 2012), Nicolas Bro (Mammon, 2014), Søren Malling (A Hijacking, 2012) and Ole Thestrup (Borgen, 2012-13).

Men & Chicken is expected to be released next year..