‘Marcella’ starts on ITV next week!


The creator of The Bridge brings the Nordic Noir landscape to the UK

The critically acclaimed writing talents of Hans Rosenfeldt are travelling even further beyond the realm of Sweden, Denmark, and the infamous Øresund Bridge to pen the brand new crime drama, Marcella, starring Anna Friel (The Saboteurs, 2015).

Joining the ranks of Sofie Gråbøl’s Sarah Lund and Sofia Helin’s Saga Norén, a new heroine is on the beat. Meet Marcella Backland (Friel). After her marriage comes to a dramatic end, Marcella returns to the Metropolitan Police’s Murder Squad to investigate a killing spree. Here she is faced with a career-defining reprise: to solve the case she failed to close ten years earlier.

We have enjoyed the plethora of British crime drama, such as River (2015- ), Broadchurch (2013- ), Hinterland 2013- ) and even the UK remake of Henning Mankell’s Wallander (2008- ) starring Kenneth Branagh in the title role. Therefore, this uncanny change may not be a surprise to fans of Scandi-crime genre.


In an interview with Broadcast, Chris Bonney, the head of Cineflix Rights, comments on the international success of Nordic Noir series: “Scandi noir, for which Rosenfeldt is best known, has proved itself well beyond just a trend and has become a fully-fledged genre in its own right. One of the most engaging things about Marcella is that this is the first example of a Scandi noir created for an English-speaking market.”

With this global impact continuing to create a stir amongst British viewers, the setting for Marcella seems rather apt: “Everybody knows The Bridge and its adaptations,” says Bonney. “Rosenfeldt has a unique ability to write multi-layered storylines, with strong female leads, in which anyone can be a victim or potential perpetrator of a crime. Marcella is beautifully shot and is just the kind of viewing mainstream audiences are looking for.”

Marcella co-stars Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica, 2004-2009), Harry Lloyd (The Theory of Everything, 2014), Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude, 2015- ), Tobias Santelmann (The Saboteurs, 2015) and Sinéad Cusack.

Marcella launches on Monday 4th April at 9pm on ITV