Mads Mikkelsen Announced for Star Wars ‘Rogue One’


The international star from Denmark has combated Hollywood and now sets his sights on a galaxy far, far away…

Mads Mikkelsen has reached acclaim with the English-language audience from his infamous roles as nefarious on-screen villains: Le Chiffre, in the popular James Bond franchise Casino Royale (2006) and as the charismatic culinary cannibal in NBC’s televisual treat Hannibal (2013-2015). Now, fans of the Danish star can look forward to Mikkelsen joining the Star Wars universe in the upcoming stand-alone movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, 2014 and Monsters, 2010) directs this prequel to the 1977 original which is produced by Kathleen Kennedy (Jurassic Park, 1993). Kennedy spoke of the movie and its position along the Star Wars timeline: “Rogue One takes place before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and will be a departure from the saga films but have elements that are familiar to the Star Wars universe. It goes into new territory, exploring the galactic struggle from a ground-war perspective while maintaining that essential Star Wars feel that fans have come to know.”

The principal photography with the actors has been released and features Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything, 2014), Diego Luna (Milk, 2008), Riz Ahmed (Four Lions, 2010), Donnie Yen (Ip Man trilogy) and Wen Jiang (Let the Bullets Fly, 2010). The international star-studded cast starring alongside Mikkelsen includes: Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline, 2014- ), Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, 2006) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, 2002-2003).

Mikklesen will continue to tantalise his burgeoning cult fan-base at this year’s Fan Expo Canada in Toronto in September. He has been announced to attend the convention with Hannibal co-star Gillian Anderson.

Rogue One is due to be released in cinemas on 16th December 2016