Lars Mikkelsen joins Kevin Spacey in the third season of ‘House of Cards’

The Danish star is exchanging Copenhagen’s City Hall for the even murkier depths of The White House


Lars Mikkelsen is conquering the English-language market following his notable role in the first season of The Killing, playing the prime suspect in the Larsen murder case, Troels Hartmann. This time, he has set his sights on the Netflix satirical drama House of Cards as it enters into its third season.

David Fincher’s darkly woven political series, starring Kevin Spacey as the newly inaugurated President of the United States of America, has cast Lars as an antagonist to the deceptive Frank Underwood (Spacey). Details of Lars’ character have yet to be released. However, the trailer suggests that his relationship with Underwood is not a peaceful alliance and threatens to disrupt the President’s status quo with wife Claire (Robin Wright). We can expect a tempestuous plot-line as Lars seems to be a prominent element of the show’s spellbinding trajectory.

Notably, for his role in The Killing, a series that helped launch the irresistible cycle of Nordic Noir TV shows, Lars has since been catapulted into British cinema and television. He has appeared as an arch nemesis in BBC One’s Sherlock opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. As well as this, Mikkelsen also appeared as Mo Ali’s vengeful East London gangster thriller Montana (2014), with Ashley Walters (Top Boy) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones).

Lars has also featured in the critically acclaimed drama Borgen and the historical mini-series 1864, directed by Ole Bornedal and set during the infamous war that pitted Denmark against Germany and Prussia.

The third season of House of Cards is due to air on Netflix from 27th February. 2015