Kim Bodnia is back in ‘Hostages’ season two


The star of The Bridge returns to take back a hostage situation

A new season of the Israeli crime series Hostages is back with 12 new, nerve-shredding episodes, out to buy on DVD from 12th September. This time, fans of Nordic Noir will notice a familiar face eyeing up the crosshairs as The Bridge’s Kim Bodnia joins the cast.

The second season begins with a funeral for Prime Minister Shmuel Netser as the country mourns his apparent death on the operating table. However, Adam Rubin – former head of the SWAT team – is keeping the body of the PM in an abandoned safe house in Jerusalem. What the country doesn’t know is that Netser is very much alive. Embroiled in a life-changing, catch-22 situation, Rubin abducts the Prime Minister in order to carry out an operation that can save his wife Neta; in need of a bone marrow transplant. Motivated by an unfaltering sense of desperation, Rubin embarks on a mission that goes against his moral code and places him in danger with the people who employed him to assassinate Netser. When Rubin is hunted by security forces, his plan spirals further out of control and he is trapped in a claustrophobic battle to escape. As he tries to negotiate with his former SWAT team, Rubin soon realises there is a greater conspiracy at hand.


The first season of Hostages premiered in the UK on BBC Four last year with strong reviews from British audiences, following the US remake which was later cancelled. The Israeli original show starred Ayelet Zurer (Angels & Demons, 2009) as Dr. Yael Donan who is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Living as a successful surgeon, wife and mother, Donan is targeted by terrorists and held hostage the day before she is due to operate. In order to spare the lives of her family, Donan is ordered to kill her next patient – the Prime Minister.

We are happy to welcome back Kim Bodnia after his dramatic exit from The Bridge in the emotional finale of season two. While there are still rumours, especially from the creator and writer of The Bridge Hans Rosenfeldt, that Bodnia may reprise his role as Martin Rohde in the fourth season. In The Guardian Rosenfeldt mentioned: “He left because he thought his character should get out of jail, but we think he should remain. Meanwhile, there is nothing to suggest that Bodnia cannot return if the story demands it, and we have a good reason for it.”


Hostages the complete season two is available to buy on DVD through Arrow Films 12th September. Pre-order your copy now from the Amazon store here.