Inspector Nadone & Fog and Crimes released on DVD


If you were recently infatuated with the Italian crime series Gomorrah, you’ll be pleased to know that the series is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you are hungry for more Italian noir, then lucky for you there are two more titles fresh on the shelves today, under the exciting new label Criminale Italia, a sub label of the Noir label.

Inspector Nardone follows the titular character in Post-War Milan, where a new wave of criminal activity has emerged. Inspired by the real life Italian policeman Mario Nardone who was active in Milan during the 1950s and 60s, the series follows Nardone’s investigations in the city shortly after the conclusion of WWII. Whilst chasing dangerous criminals, plus dealing with corruption in his own department, Naples native Nardone must negotiate this bustling and unfamiliar city whilst also caring for his otherwise neglected children. Stubborn but with a strong sense of humanity to him, Nardone is a beguiling character in this fascinating series.


Also released is the contemporary mini-series Fog And Crimes. Based on the novels by Valerio Varesi, all four episodes follows investigations by Commissario Franco Soneri of the Northern Italian city of Ferrara. Working with his faithful and reliable squad, Soneri, investigates the crimes of this picturesque city, that each have their own disturbing and grotesque mysteries behind them.



Both series plus Gomorrah are available to own now.

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