‘Humans’ receives a warm welcome

We reflect on the sci-fi series as Humans reaches the mid-way point

Last month saw the UK television debut of British-American science fiction series Humans. The series has kicked off to a strong start becoming one of the most-watched programmes on Channel 4.

The eight-part series examines a counterpart universe, which sees human-like robots walk the everyday earth. These cyborgs, known as ‘Synths’, are capable and highly developed machines that are so humane they strongly resemble their owners. Last night’s episode saw some major character’s true identity revealed unravelling a series of complex revelations.


Humans is adapted from the acclaimed Swedish series Real Humans, which debuted in Scandinavia, back in 2012. The programme explored the same premise of human-like robots set in a futuristic Sweden. The series received overwhelmingly positive reviews and has been sold in over fifty countries including South Korea and Australia. Real Humans ran for two series with a third potentially in the works. There are no plans as of yet for a UK television or DVD release.

Critics and viewers alike have taken to social media to express their delight, and at times perplexed opinions, of the Humans:

‘Amazing episode of #Humans yesterday!’

‘I just watched #Humans and it was SUCH a great episode!’

‘Rise of the Planet of the Synths #Humans’

‘#Humans is stunning, creepy, riveting TV. Amazing job by all involved.’

‘#Humans has a real #InTheFlesh vibe to it…that’s a good thing….’

‘#Humans has just gone from good to WTF! THIS SHOW IS SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!’


As well as British audiences, the critics have also voiced their opinions of the news series with many referring to it as ‘finest hour’ on television and ‘pleasing yet perplexing.’

Humans continues this Sunday on Channel 4 at 9pm