High in the Arctic Circle, Murder is About to Wreak Havoc



Fortitude is a new mystery saga to blend the beauty of Iceland’s landscape with blood-curdling crime, and it is heading to Sky this January.

Declared to be the safest place one could hope to live, the remote town of Fortitude takes pride in its crime-free community. The natural breath-taking beauty of the Arctic Circle that sits under the Northern Lights is much-lauded by the prosperous residents of the town who hope to grow rich from the peaceful slice of paradise. However, their idyllic existence is about to be disrupted an unfathomable murder that threatens the town’s once promising and affluent future.

Created by Simon Donald, Fortitude is an English-language, British production that is complemented by the talents of an international cast. Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston, Richard Dormer, Jessica Raine, Luke Treadaway, Nicholas Pinnock, Johnny Harris and The Killing’s Sofie Gråbøl.

The mysterious death is brought to the attention of the local Chief of Police Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Dormer), as well as the equally enigmatic DCI Morton (Tucci) who is brought in to aid the investigation. As the pair investigates the bizarre chain of events, they are led on an unexpected trail to discovering a dark secret the township harbours, buried far beneath its snowy façade.

Suspicions are rife among the populace, and it becomes rapidly apparent that no one can be trusted in this isolated environment, where the locals of Fortitude are keen to put the future of the town first, above all else. This idea is strongly voiced by the Governor Hildur Odegard (Gråbøl), whose ambitions are to increase Fortitude’s economy through its booming tourism. Her resounding statement, “we live in the one place on Earth we’re guaranteed to have a quiet life”, is no longer the case and leaves all in jeopardy. Audiences can be assured that violence will find a way in the harsh climate of this mining town.

Fortitude is a 12-episode season that will air from 29th January 2015 on Sky Atlantic