Half price Hakan Nesser!


With Detective Kurt Wallander currently thrilling audiences in his new BBC Four series,  we would like to make you familiar with another enigmatic detective from Scandinavia. Van Veeteren is based on the novels of one of Sweden’s most popular authors Håkan Nesser. Taking place in the fictional town of Maardum, in an undisclosed country, Van Veeteren is a now a retired chief inspector who is coaxed back into the job after two bodies are discovered in Maardum in quick succession.

From there on Van Veeteren begins to investigate more and more cases, uncovering dark secrets and disturbed killers. With his two crime squad protégés, Munster and Moreno in tow, Van Veeteren is an uncompromising character who finds retiring to be easier said than done.

For one week only Volume 1 of Van Veeteren will be half price at £7.50 (RRP: £14.99) on DVD. There is now no better a time to become familiar with one of Scandinavia’s lesser known crime characters.

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