Gomorrah wins 5 Roma Fiction Festival awards


After receiving a cacophony of praise last week, the Italian crime series Gomorrah has sensationally won 5 awards at the Roma Fiction Festival, an international TV festival that takes place in Rome every year. Notably it picked up the awards for Best Italian Production and the Scardamaglia Award for Best Screenplay but it was the acting categories where the series excelled.

Maria Pia Calzone, who plays Imma Savastano, the wife of the Camorra godfather Pietro, was awarded Best Italian actress whilst Salvatore Esposito picked up two awards. The actor who plays Pietro son, the heir apparent Genny was awarded the LARA award for Best Actor in a published fiction and was also given a Special Jury prize for his role.

Other winners on the night included the popular American series Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black but in the end it was Gomorrah that stole the show with its 5 victories.

The series, which has been compared to The Wire, is based up the shocking expose of the Naples Camorra by writer Roberto Saviano and charts the rise to power of right hand man Ciro di Marzio.

Gomorrah is currently being shown on Sky Atlantic every Monday at 9PM.