‘Gomorrah’ Series 3 on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download


Available to pre-order and coming to digital download soon!

If you can’t get enough of the critically acclaimed mafia saga, we’re happy to announce the Arrow TV home entertainment release of Gomorrah The Complete Season Three on DVD and Blu-ray! Fans of the globally successful Neapolitan crime drama can take home season three, plus Gomorrah – Complete Seasons 1, 2 & 3 boxset on DVD or Blu-ray from Monday 12th March! You can also digitally download all 12 episodes of season three via Amazon and iTunes on Thursday 8th March. How can you say no to the Syndicate?

The hugely successful Sky Italia production, adapted from Roberto Saviano’s bestselling book, returned to Sky Atlantic on Wednesday 31st January, with every episode available to binge watch via Sky Atlantic.

In the wake of Don Pietro’s death, Genny steps out of his shadow to seize control over his father’s former reign. Now, Genny sets his sights on ruling over Rome and Naples, which is challenged by his father-in-law Giuseppe Avitabile and Enzo “Sangue Blu”. Can he prove to be a formidable Savastano force that keeps the gangs in line, whilst forging a profitable empire? With his new-born son and wife Azzurra to protect, viewers can only expect the unexpected.


Where is Ciro? After forming a tempered alliance with Genny, he trades the streets of Naples for Sofia. Here, he joins the ranks of Bulgarian drug dealer Valentin to continue his life of crime. However, Ciro is not in exile for long, as he returns to Naples and aligns himself with Enzo, who seeks his own power over the underworld.

Find out more about what the critics have to say here:

“Immediately addictive” – Entertainment Weekly

“The most gripping drama on TV” – The Times

“A dazzling success” – Daily Telegraph

“Excellent” – The Guardian

The Artsdesk.com hails the signature gritty style the series possesses: “What drives Gomorrah so powerfully is its aura of complete command of narrative and character, coupled with an authentic sense of place, as the camera sniffs its way around the Naples housing estates and tower blocks, old street markets, factories and docks like a wily old dog that has spent a lifetime scavenging the city.”

In our exclusive season two interview with Cristiana Dell’Anna, the actress also comments on how the show resembles the real-life Camorra. “In reality, there are more events that are even worse. So many things have been left out of the story because they’re so unbelievable that they sound fictional. The series is so close to reality and it is even worse than what audiences have seen so far.”


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The third season will be available for digital download via Amazon and iTunes soon.