‘Gommorah’ season two returns to Sky Atlantic next week!



Watch the next chapter of the Italian Noir saga – it would be a crime miss!

Prepare for more uprising antics to break the surface and rule the streets once again from the underworld of Neapolitan Noir! The Italian crime drama Gomorrah, based on Robert Saviano’s best-selling chronicle inspired by the real-life “Camorra” syndicate, returns to our screens with a blistering second season on Wednesday 11th May on Sky Atlantic.

Set in Naples, Gomorrah, we witness the rise to power in a cutthroat clan, centred around Ciro (Marco D’Amore); a prodigy of ‘The Family’ who makes his journey from right-hand man to Mafia boss. After the Don is thrown in prison, Ciro’s loyalty is put to the ultimate test as he weaves through a labyrinth of lies, loss, and bloodshed from.

Exploring more from Saviano’s account, as previously depicted in Matteo Garrone’s Grand Jury Prize-winning film at Cannes in 2008, this gritty serial penetrates the familiar representation of mob culture by cutting straight to the core. Gomorrah - the series lets us get to know this medley of antiheroes and villains better, as they toil to maintain a status quo in a scandalous hierarchy of historical infamy.


Aiming further afield from the Mediterranean milieu, the first season ignited the spark of international acclaim following its Sky broadcast. The Italian Mafia series, which Variety hails as “Italy’s answer to The Wire”, took home top award at the 2015 Monte-Carlo TV Festival, winning ‘Best International Drama TV Series’ and ‘Outstanding Actor in a Drama TV Series’ for Marco D’Amore. Season one attracted 700,000 viewers on Sky Atlantic for the pilot episode. The show has been sold to over fifty countries and has been acquired in the US by The Weinstein Company.

Now the second season is looming even closer on the horizon, Gomorrah is set to continue its reign from the underworld and beyond!

Gommorah season two begins on Wednesday 11th May, with the first two episodes back-to-back from 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic HD. Buy Gomorrah season one on DVD and Blu-ray from the Nordic Noir & Beyond Store at Amazon here.