Get an exclusive and unseen look at Sofia Helin


Nordic Noir & Beyond are giving you a first and exclusive look at a brand new and unseen image of Swedish television queen Sofia Helin.

Carolina Romare, a Swedish freelance photographer, takes the brand new image of Helin, which sees her dressed all in black. Romare’s previous works include interior, food and lifestyle snapshots as well as photographs of Swedish familiars like journalist Mona Masri and writer Christina Claesson. Currently based in Malmö, Sweden, Romare contains a fondness for storytelling and attention to detail as well as natural light. “I like the raw simplicity in things I see. Often I find myself thinking about how all objects and environments have a story to tell,” states the talented photography.

Romare’s image of Helin arrives soon after The Bridge actress appeared at the Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015 in London in June where she discussed her renowned role of unorthodox detective, Saga Norén. The actress examined her outlook on Asperger’s Sydrome as well as her character’s notorious sex life, claiming: “It’s also good to eat when you’re hungry.”

The Bridge is one of Nordic Noir’s most acclaimed series and audiences will be unveiled to its third season later this year. After a tumultuous finale at the end of season two, details on the third season, and on Saga’s character, are still to be unleashed.

Fans were also introduced to exclusive images direct from the set of The Bridge season three earlier this year. The photographs saw Helin covered in blood as her noble senior criminal officer Hans Petterson, played by veteran actor Dag Malmberg, follows her on a new case. The images were shot on set in Malmö with Helin confirming that they had finished production during her attendance at Nordicana.

As well as her performance as Saga Norén, Helin has gained recognition for her cinematic roles in films such as Beck (2002), Blodsbröder (2005) and Nina Frisk (2007). The actress also spoke at Nordicana about her involvement in an upcoming science-fiction project that is looking to grace silver screens next year.

A launch date for The Bridge season 3 is yet been confirmed but is expected to hit UK television screens later this year.

Photo credit: Carolina Romare