French drama ‘Witnesses’ debuts with outstanding ratings


New French drama Witnesses premiered this week in its native France to outstanding ratings. The six-part series debuted its first two episodes, which gathered more than 5.3 million viewers – one of the country’s best-rated shows in a decade.

Set in the north of France, Witnesses (Les Témoins) follows a peculiar set of events, which sees a series of corpses planted in several homes. The victims of this ‘grave-robbing’ see a man, woman and teenager planted to mould a “model family” despite the fact they’re already dead. Detective Sandra Winckler (Marie Dompiner) investigates the bizarre case and soon discovers a photograph of a former police chief, but what is his involvement?

Witnesses also stars Thierry Lhermitte (Doc Martin) and Laurent Lucas (Harry He’s Here to Help, 2000) and is formed by the same creators behind successful French series Pigalle, La Nuit, Hervé Hadmar and Marc Herpoux.

The series has already received rave reviews in France and arrives in the UK later this year.