‘Fog and Crimes: The Complete Third Season’ on DVD now


Add another great Italian title to your Euro Noir collection

Fog and Crimes, also known by Italian audiences as Nebbie e delitti, stars Luca Barbaresch (The International, 2009 and Cannibal Holocaust, 1980) as Inspector Soneri with Natasha Stefanenko, Gianluca Gobbi, Giuseppe Antignati and Mariano Rigillo.

Adapted from Valerio Varesi’s novels, Fog and Crimes centres around the brooding Inspector Franco Soneri whose investigations lead him to uncover deep-seeded crimes in the ever mysterious Northern Italian town of Ferrara. The cases merge the country’s past with contemporary political agendas which only serve to unsettle the community. Soneri’s tempestuous relationship with lawyer Angela Cornelio (Natasha Stefanenko) adds personal drama to the visceral law and order.

The modern Italian television crime thrillers have emerged more prominently with such shows as Gomorrah (2014- ), based on Roberto Saviano’s book Gomorra which inspired the Neapolitan film in 2008. Romanzo Criminale – La serie (2008-2010) also has similar origins by following the same pattern; having been adapted by Giancarlo De Cataldo’s novel and the 2005 movie prior to the serial.

Fog and Crimes began in 2005 with its first season of four feature-length episodes and was soon followed with a second season of six television movies in 2007. Nerdly.co.uk awards the 2009 third season with a five-star rating: “Ending like this makes Fog and Crimes one of the best detective shows to come out of Europe, a hidden gem just waiting for people to discover.” Find out or yourself as the third and final season of the ground-breaking series is available to continue the saga for your home entertainment.

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