War Comes To End This Saturday

This gripping WWII mini series from Germany reaches its devastating conclusion on BBC Two at 9.30 tomorrow night.

With four Christmases having passed since the friends departed for the war, their country lies in ruins, and millions have died. This final episode lays bare the affect the war has had on Viktor, Greta, Wilhelm, Friedhelm and Charlotte.

Generation War gives us a rare chance to see the conflict through German eyes, and it pulls no punches. Critic Sam Wollaston wrote in the Guardian that the series ‘isn’t afraid to confront the question of how normal, clever, educated, likable people could somehow have become blinded by and swept up in such barbaric inhumanity’.

Catch the third and final episiode of Generation War at 9.30pm on BBC Two tomorrow night.

For those wanting to learn more about the issues raised in Generation War there will be a panel discussion hosted by Martha Kearney broadcast immediately after the last episode at 11:05pm on BBC Two.  Generation War: Fact And Fiction will see the programme makers joined by historians and cultural commentators where they will examine the accuracy and the controversy surrounding the series.

The series is available to download now on iTunes.

The DVD is released on Monday, and is available to pre-order now via Arrow Films and Amazon.