Film Friday: Exit


Film Friday returns, and this week we’re revisiting the tense thriller Exit. Mads Mikkelsen, star of Oscar-nominated Nordic film The Hunt, plays Thomas, a businessman on the brink of selling a valuable stake in his investment firm.

At the same time his mentor and business partner, William, confides in Thomas that he would like to retire. Soon afterwards, William is shockingly murdered and Thomas is the prime suspect. Whilst trying to prove his innocence, Thomas and his family are threatened by a stranger who appears to know a lot about their lives.  Escaping from the police, Thomas embarks upon a mission to save his family and reclaim his assets.

Peter Lindmark’s 2006 film also features Nordic superstar Alexander Skarsgård, star of American Vampire series True Blood and Lars von Trier’s Melancholia.

If you’ve seen Exit, share your thoughts on the film on our official Facebook page. If not, and if you need something to get your pulse racing this Bank Holiday weekend, why not download it now from iTunes.