Exclusive trailer for ‘The Legacy’ trilogy


Watch the new Nordic Noir & Beyond trilogy series trailer!

The drama of The Legacy III relentlessly unfolds for the tempestuous Grønnegaard clan tonight on Sky Arts. However, as the series finale draws closer, we offer UK fans an exclusive look at the trilogy DVD trailer. Get ready to take the Danish family home with The Legacy III and The Legacy – The Complete Series boxset, released through Nordic Noir & Beyond on Monday 29th May.

What will happen to the Grønnegaards in the last episode? In The Legacy III so far, we have come to terms with the departure of Thomas from the series (yet, his spirit is very much alive in the gong, the “troll mountain” and the grounds of the estate), while the relationships of the siblings continue to be tested. Frederik is back from business in the US and is ready to fight for the custody of his children. Signe’s ambitious plans expand from hemp farming to pig farming, while the prospect of starting her own family with Aksel wanes. Gro struggles with her career and clashes with Emil over Melody’s wellbeing, and Hannah’s disappearance causes grief, following the controversial opening of her art exhibit.

Catch up with the Grønnegaards here.



We can expect more conflict and arresting drama in the next few weeks before the scintillating saga is available to own on DVD. Here is some of the critical praise for the award-winning series:

“More heartache than hygge, this is Scandi melodrama at its best” – Hannah J Davies, The Guardian

“Spellbinding. Likely to have you captivated” – Observer

“Thrilling and riveting” – Radio Times

“Top notch Danish export” – Metro


Watch the complete series trailer here:

The Legacy III continues tonight from 9pm on Sky Arts.

The Legacy III and The Legacy – The Complete Series boxset is released on DVD and Blu-ray through Nordic Noir & Beyond on Monday 29th May. Pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray here.