Euro Noir ‘Cordon’ and ‘Witnesses’ in the UK


The latest European crime shows from Noir & Beyond are welcomed by British viewers

Our screens have recently become inundated with a wave of nail-biting suspense from Euro Noir, with The Saboteurs and Hostages added to the international mould of drama and crime. Drawing on from the narrative and visual tropes of Nordic Noir, the French detective drama Witnesses will soon be joining the viral popularity of Belgian series Cordon.

The race-against-time televisual thriller Cordon has been taking over our Saturday nights on BBC Four. We have been treated to a double-bill slot with back-to-back episodes of the inner city battle against the contagion to keep us sustained as one episode is not enough to keep up with the pace of the show.

The fan feedback on the shows can be gauged by their Twitter followers. The reactions from Cordon have been as follows:

Would just like to say the Flemish drama Cordon on BBC Four is excellent. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

What an amazing drama Cordon is on BBC FOUR

The new BBC Four Saturday night Belgian drama #cordon is highly recommended

Feel queasy after watching @bbcfour #cordon Flemish flu pandemic drama

Just watched the first episode of Cordon, BBC Four‘s Belgian virus import. Bloody brilliant! A must watch.

#bbcfour #cordon Wow! Amazing, please feed us some more episodes :-) loved it.


After the recent premiere of Witnesses in France, Channel4 will be airing the series on Wednesday 22nd July. However, to keep us tantalised, audiences have already been offering their praise:

Drawn in to Witnesses (Les témoins) It’s like Scandinavian noir except French. (Would French noir just be called…black?)

Love the French show “Les Temoins” or Witnesses and now this song as well… Tricky – We Don’t Die

If you want to watch a sophisticated French murder mystery series, try “Les Témoins” aka #Witnesses

Channel 4 have picked up another French Crime drama,Witnesses. I do hope they’ll be treating us to second series of The Returned soon


Cordon continues on Saturdays at 9pm with episodes five and six on BBC Four.

Keep a look-out for Witnesses which starts on 22nd July at 10pm on Channel 4.