Enjoy a ‘Modus’ Christmas on DVD and Blu-ray


While we wait for the next season, get your copy of Modus: Complete Season One now!

The premiere eight-episode season of Modus led BBC Four viewers into new Nordic Noir territory. Its fresh perspective placed the killer in our crosshairs from the start, leaving us to scramble for the nefarious motive – also known as the Modus operandi. After the show’s chilling adaptation of Anne Holt’s Vik/Stubø novels reached a dramatic climax on Saturday night, we are very happy to announce that the first season of Modus is now available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray through Nordic Noir & Beyond!

The new Swedish series has been revered by fans and critics alike:

“Patiently paced and stylish to look at.” – 4 stars, Daily Mail

“Sleek… picturesque… psychological… frightening… I’m hooked.”  – Financial Times

“A handsome Swedish crime drama.” – The Observer


On Twitter, fans shared their appreciation after each week of spell-binding double episodes:

There’s a new 8 parter on BBC subtitles from one of the Scandinavian countries #Modus Excellent viewing

BBC Fours new Nordic Noir, ‘Modus‘. Totally gripped, so many secrets.

I would recommend Modus on BBC 4 to accompany the hygge.

Have been getting stuck into Modus BBC eight parter. Excellent

If you’re not watching Modus (2016) the new Swedish noirish TV series currently airing on the BBC you should be. Multi-layered and brilliant

Watching Swedish TV drama, “Modus” on bbc four. It’s brilliant television as usual

Modus‘ on BBC Four going along nicely… Absorbing Swedish crime drama.

Dark, gripping and addictive. Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon #Modus

Bloody hell, Modus on BBC4 was a scarey Scandi- noir!!Less hygge and more boo-ygge!!Off to have a calming nightcap.@bbc modus


There is even more good news – it has been confirmed that a second season of Modus is on the cards and is ready to begin filming in January 2017. At Nordic Noir & Beyond, we managed to find out a few things to add to the intrigue. In our interview with Melinda Kinnaman, the actress teased us with what is in store for her return to the series: “It will still be my character, Inger Johanne Vik, working with the police but there will be a new cast of people. Some won’t be returning in the next season…”

Read our interview with Melinda Kinnaman here.

Writers Mai Brøstrom and Peter Thorsboe revealed: “the third book, Madam President, will be the next adaptation. America will also be prominent in the second season. We can also say that audiences will get to know more about Inger’s past; her time in Washington working with the FBI and more about why she came back to Sweden. It’s a heavy story!”

Get to know the Emmy Award-winning writers here.


Kinnaman’s co-star Henrik Norlén disclosed more to The List that the “sequel to Modus” was definite: “We start shooting season two in January, so we are right in the middle of pre-production. We’re very excited about it, the script is really good.”

There we have it – not one but three sources have given us something to look forward to in the Nordic Noir new year!

Modus is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from the Amazon store here.

Download Modus on digital HD via iTunes here.