DVD offer of the week: The Protectors


The P.E.T, better known as The Protectors, are a special branch of the Danish national police. They are in charge of protection of royalty, politicians, VIP’s and visiting dignitaries plus the prevention of terrorism and dealing with dangerous stalkers.

Consisting of three recruits Jonas Goldschmidt (André Babikian), Rasmus Poulsen (Søren Vejby) and the Egyptian Jasmina El- Murad (Cecilie Stenspil), The Protectors have to deal with a number of personal problems and ethnic discrimination as well as their highly important jobs. The Emmy Award winning series from DR, was produced between seasons 1 & 2 of The Killing and was followed by a second and final season in 2010.

The entire first season of this International award winning police drama is now available for the incredible price of just £9.