DVD Offer of the Week: ‘The Hunt’


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The unforgettable drama unfolds to yield cataclysmic repercussions for schoolteacher Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) when he is accused of indecent behaviour by one of his young pupils Klara, played by Annika Wedderkopp. Without any evidence – just the word of a child; paranoia and anxieties tear Lucas’ life apart as his reputation is tarnished, yet he fights to maintain his innocence in the shadow of controversy.

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Once a pillar of the community, his friends turn against him, including Theo (Thomas Bo Larsen) who believes his worst fear that his daughter Klara is telling the truth. As Lucas struggles to cope, his only ally is his son Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrøm). The formidable pair battle to hold onto a diminishing hope that the truth will be revealed.

Directed by the infamous premier filmmaker of the Dogme95 movement Thomas Vinterberg (Festen, 1998), The Hunt explores the darkest part of humanity and how the image of virtue can just as easily be a corruptible force.

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