DVD Discount of the Week: ‘Wallander’


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He has been around for quite some time: his experience of solving crimes around the scandalous Swedish county of Skäne outweighs his unassuming, non-threatening persona in the twilight of an illustrious career. His name: Kurt Wallander.

We first became acquainted with Kurt Wallander in 1995, played by Rolf Lassgård (False Trail, 2011 and After the Wedding, 2006) in the original six Wallander films. From 2005, Krister Henriksson took over the reins with an astonishing portfolio of 32 feature-length episodes, including the final season which closed the epic franchise to Henning Mankell’s crime fiction saga in 2013.

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The profound long takes of Sweden’s countryside and its natural beauty juxtaposed by the heinous crimes committed by its residents bring a different tone to the muted, icy locations featured in modern Nordic Noir.

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