DVD Discount of the week: The Hunters


On offer this week is the classic 1996 Swedish thriller The Hunters.  Veteran Swedish actor Rolf Lassgård stars as a former Stockholm policeman, Eric, who after years away returns to his home village to live with his younger brother Leif. Resuming his police work in the local constabulary Eric presumes everything to be fine as he is warmly welcomed back. However, dark activities are in process.

Poachers are mercilessly slaughtering wild deer, that roam the lands surrounding the village but the crime has so far gone ignored by the police. Eric takes it upon himself to single handedly solve the case but when Eric discovers that his own brother is involved in these heartless acts, events take a violent turn for the worse.

Directed by Kjell Sundvall, The Hunters became an instant classic in Sweden and picked up a number of awards and nominations. You can pick up this pulsating Swedish thriller for the bargain price of just £6.

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